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Appia Video Communicator (AVC)
Computer and Network Test

This test has been designed to determine whether your computer and network meet AVC's requirements. It examines:

  1. Your browser type, your version of the browser, and Microsoft .NET framework.
  2. The equipment you have.
  3. Your computer and the settings of the network you are using.

No personal information is either collected or sent from this test.

Results of Step 1:

Browser TypeUnknownFail

If the results shown above indicate a failure, please make sure your computer has: 

Browser typeInternet Explorer versions 7 and 8, Mozilla Firefox version 3.5 or above
.NET version3.5 or above

Once your computer has been updated, please run this test again.

Step 2:


Please indicate the devices that are currently set up on your computer:

Speakers or Headphones
Headset (headphones with microphone attached)


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